A Histroy of rase and Racism in America, in 26 chapters 1957

It was a country that stood up to win freedom, but at the time, racism was very natural. Since the 15th century, when Christopher Columbus appeared in the West Indies in the white world, what he had done in Africa and elsewhere has spread throughout the Americas, starting with the Caribbean . However, the circumstances of the native people were no different. Aztec destruction of even one such framework Caltech Rocks area around the Mexican indigenous tribes resisting extreme racism that Spain was achieved in the result of the collaboration.

As the European powers fell in love with the vast land, the natives who helped the immigrants were rather murdered, lost their lives, and ill driven. The expansion of the U.S. realm, half of which came from the massacre of natives, the rest of which were either deal-taking ( Louisiana , Alaska ) or their own wars ( American War of Independence , American-American War , American-Mexican War , Hawaii Merged, American-Spanish War ). It is made.

A group of white, non – WASP , black and white, Jewish, and immigrant races, led primarily by the British White (WASP), who took the lead in it , formed a nominal’liberation’ of blacks through the Civil War . Discrimination continued throughout.

Black Civil Rights Movement

Until the early 1900s, the western pioneering boom began to change the culture of western and eastern countries, and since then, as the territories of the western states became main, discrimination against blacks who entered slaves became a major problem in the United States. .

Racism is a result of the nature of the US governing system, where the state is not subject to the greatest possible interference from the federal government, and the state has the right to do whatever it takes to do so unless it enacts or administers laws that violate the federal constitution. When Racism was weak, unless the federal government imposed sanctions, it made a lot of strange laws. Plus, white people who didn’t want to live with black people after the Civil War[2] A racism law, called the law, was enacted, and the Southern states implemented a racism policy.

Separated but equal, that is, discrimination in black and white was justified by the fact that it is not discrimination if treated equally. But this is good, and it’s legal to have a black seat and a white seat on the bus. Education was fair if white and black schools existed, so it was legal. Racism took place just where this is happening most recently in South Africa … One, drop-Rule in accordance with the rule blood is dirty and black and white mixed with yellowish mixed was Chauncey was strictly prohibited marriage and sexual relations between people of color (black) and white.[3] The

state’s independence and discrimination against white people can be examined through the Little Rock crisis. In September 1957, the Little Rock Arkansas Board of Education announced that black and white integrated education would begin at Central High School. Racism is due to the US Supreme Court Decision 347 US 483 ( Brown vs Board of Education of Topeka , 1954) in 1954, in which the Supreme Court overturned their decision in 1896 in Plessy vs Ferguson (163 US 537), the school It is ruled that the black-and-white separation in Esau violates Article 14 of the United States Constitution and that the black-and-white separation in schools should be abolished. However, the ruling did not provide a concrete action plan, and it took the Supreme Court a long time to come up with a plan. However, the residents of the South never welcomed the ruling, and the event ended in Little Rock.

The case began when a disgruntled white citizen filed an order to suspend a local court, and a local court judge, such as a crushed cheat , of a Supreme Court ruling , accepted it and made an absurd order to stop the policy. Then the federal government began to intervene, and the Federal Court of Appeals ordered that the district court’s order would be invalid, and that the Board of Education should continue. Racism became the legal basis for starting black-and-white inclusive education from September 3 of that year, but Arkansas Governor Oder For verse on September 2,Ordered by the State Defense Forces to surround the school and force the blacks to attend. The governor said that this was to prevent a violent response from citizens, but in fact he was a racist.

Eventually, the Board of Education sought help from the federal court, and the court ordered it to go as planned, but the State Defense Forces ignored it. On September 10, the Attorney General and others are on the way to filing a suspension order against Governor Forbus to the federal courts. The State Defense Force barely withdrew from the court order on September 20, but when the school door was reopened on September 23, this time the white crowds blocked black students and were forced to take them home.

From Racism point, the White House intervention began. That night, President Dwight Eisenhower said to Little Rock, ” Don’t let anyone interfere with justice .” Had announced that Proclamation, the next morning in consultation with the Little Rock market Eisenhower was incorporated in federal troops to force Arkansas National Guard ppaeateum military tongsugwon in the hands of the governor and at the same time, federal troops 101st Airborne Division In the Little Rock Ordered. Federal court orders were restored, and black students returned to school, but until the end of the school year in June 1958, the Federal Army was waiting for the protection of black students nearby.

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