Corona 19: countries with and without Mandatory masks 2020

Nowadays, in Seoul, Hong Kong, and Tokyo, it is common to get a lot of glare without wearing a mask outdoors.

The spread of a new type of coronavirus infection (Corona19) has made it more difficult to find people without masks. You may have experienced being a potential preacher when you were bare-faced.

However, in the UK, the United States, Australia, and Singapore, people still walk around the streets without a mask.

The same virus is prevalent, but why is there a difference in the use of masks in different countries? Corona 19 is not just due to government guidelines or medical advice. There are also cultural and historical influences. If the infectious disease worsens, can customs change?

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The actual effect of the mask

After the Corona 19 outbreak, the World Health Organization’s advice was clear. Only two types of people were asked to wear a mask. One was caring for people who were sick or symptomatic, and the other was suspected of corona19 infection.

He said that there is no need to wear a mask. There are many reasons for this.

First, the mask is not such a reliable protective gear. According to a recent study, Corona 19 is transmitted through droplets, not in the air.This is why experts often say that washing hands with soap is much more effective.

After removing the mask, special care should be taken to avoid contamination of the hands.This can lead to false health awareness.

However, wearing masks became a necessity in some parts of Asia. It is more of a measure that considers others than me.

In China, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan, anyone who is healthy can be a Corona 19 preacher. So, wear a mask with the idea of ​​protecting others from the side of solidarity.

In the case of China, it is more extreme. In some areas, wearing a mask can result in arrest or even punishment.

The Chinese government has said that people without masks can be arrested in Wuhan and Guangzhou.PHOTOSOURCE,AFP

picture explanation,

The Chinese government has said that people without masks can be arrested in Wuhan and Guangzhou.

Meanwhile, in Indonesia and the Philippines, where it is suspected that there will be more cases of corona19 infection than are actually known, the majority of people have started wearing masks to protect themselves.

In these countries, even before Corona19, wearing a mask was considered a norm. It even becomes part of fashion. The Hello Kitty mask sold out on the street in Hong Kong.

In East Asia, when it comes to the pollen season or when you are sick, wear a mask. This is because I think that a person’s nose or coughing in a public place without wearing a mask causes discomfort to others. In Hong Kong, the importance of wearing a mask was aroused in 2003 when many victims of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) were encountered.

Unlike the West, these countries have suffered severely from recent infectious diseases. It is a vivid and painful memory.

There are masks of various designs in Hong Kong.

In addition, people living in densely populated cities in Southeast Asia have been wearing masks because of air pollution.

But that doesn’t mean Asia is wearing a mask. Singapore has advised citizens not to wear masks to ensure that they have enough masks for health workers. In fact, there are many people walking around the streets of Singapore without a mask. This is a sign of high confidence in the government.

The mask is a social’nudge’

Some claim that wearing a mask has a visual reminder of the dangers of corona19. It is a kind of’nudge’ that reminds viewers of the importance of personal hygiene.

You feel like you need to do what you expect through this ritual. For example, don’t touch your face, avoid crowded places, or socialize.” Professor Donald Low, a behavioral economist at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, said.

Is the mask a visual warning to help viewers pay more attention to hygiene?

While the world is fighting Corona 19, there is nothing trivial to take, no matter how small.

Professor Hong Kong University’s epidemiologist Benjamin Cowling said, “I can’t say that facial masks don’t work. But they are the most effective in health care workers.”

There is a dark side to using the mask. Japan, Indonesia, and Thailand are currently suffering from the mask turmoil. South Korea also went through a similar task and prepared measures for supply and demand.

Thailand’s Prime Minister Prajan Chao wearing a mask that suits his clothes

Because of the lack of masks, people are afraid to eventually reuse unsanitary masks, or use masks sold on the black market or even handmade masks. Such products may be of poor quality and may not function intrinsically.

Also, those who did not wear masks in areas where masks were a must have been avoided. Some shops and buildings are denied entry.

Hong Kong’s tabloid newspapers featured on the cover of Westerners wandering the streets in the night without a mask. However, he criticized foreigners and tourists for not taking sufficient precautions.

There is also discrimination in the opposite direction.

In western countries without a mask wearing culture, masked people are avoided and even attacked. The damage is significant because many of them are Asian.

Currently, experts in countries recommending masks are questioning the official WHO advice.

Currently, experts in countries recommending masks are questioning the official WHO advice.

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