Best Natural and Organic Makeup 2020

organic makeup brands

Time to talk about organic makeup brands! A topic we’re passionate about, along with many to-be brides.

Consumers are becoming more picky when it comes to what’s in their beauty products — and that’s a great thing! Natural, organic and cruelty-free ingredients are at the top of the must-have list. Whatsmore, brands arebeing called out for ingredients or practises that are less than ethical.

Historically, organic or natural beauty brands left a lot to be desired in terms of pigmentation, performance, durability and texture. Thanks to great technology, super smart people, and high demand, we’re seeing some of THE most incredible makeup brands that happen to be organic and high performing.

What makes for a great organic makeup brand?

If you’re on the chase for some new cosmetics for your large day, go natural! Truth be told, probably the best, most delightful cosmetics brands available are natural. They have an emphasis on new, solid, shining skin just as mind boggling shading and surface. The following are a couple of angles that make for an extraordinary natural cosmetics brand:

  • Each organization for the most part has a dependable, moral, and caring disposition toward the planet, representatives, and customers
  • Ingredients are generally good for the skin, giving sustenance just as tasteful magnificence. A blend of skincare and makeup.
  • Packaging is commonly produced using feasible, recyclable materials.
  • Rest simple realizing that frightful or destructive synthetic substances aren’t applied to your skin for the sake of beauty.

Moisture’ even in winter with an essence containing collagen and milk protein

The’Pink Aura Cushion’ of DPC, a high-end home care beauty brand of MSCO Co., Ltd. (CEO Seo Moon-seong), won the grand prize in the’Cushion Foundation’ category for 3 years at the 2020 First Brand Awards hosted by the Korea Consumer Forum.

DPC’s Pink Aura Cushion is consistently loved by domestic consumers for its pinkish skin expression and natural skin cover that glows smoothly, and is a product that is gaining high popularity in overseas such as China and Southeast Asia.

‘DPC Pink Aura Cushion Face Lift’ contains an aqua drop formulation of white essence with 75% content, which is the largest among all pink aura cushion series, to fill moisture in the skin that tends to get dry in autumn and winter. White Essence contains collagen water, milk protein, and probiotics that help moisturize and reshape the skin.

On the other hand, MSCO’s high-end home care beauty brand DPC, which pursues beauty, strives to provide solutions that fit the skin of consumers. From skin care to DPC’s best-selling products, pink aura cushions and lipsticks, makeup products are being introduced.

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Natural cosmetics certified by the British Vegan Society

Givenchy is a natural cosmetics brand that has been officially certified vegan by The Vegan Society of England, the oldest vegan organization in the world, founded in 1944, to create safe and healthy cosmetics. Vegan certification is the certification of products made only from 100% vegetable and organic materials that do not conduct animal testing and do not use any raw materials derived from animals, and is issued through rigorous and rigorous examinations in Europe.

Since the launch of the brand, Givenchy has received a total of 42 vegan certifications, establishing itself as the most officially certified vegan brand in Korea.

Among various vegan products,’Green Tea Water Balm’ moisturizing cream, which consistently ranks first in sales, is a silicone-free moisture cream that does not contain any chemical ingredients, and it is most noteworthy that it can be used safely even for sensitive skin.

An official from Givenchy said, “We will continue to visit consumers by introducing natural functional products with honest and good ingredients in the future.

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