Apple Watch Series 3 Unveils Powerful New Health and Fitness Enhancers with Cellular Interiors 2020

The Apple Watch Arrangement 5 isn’t simply the best Apple Watch accessible, it’s the best smartwatch available. It takes everything that was extraordinary about the Arrangement 4 – jazzy looks, incredible wellness highlights, conceivably life-sparing wellbeing apparatuses, smooth notices and applications – and includes that flawless consistently screen.


Cupertino, CA-September 12, 2017 — Apple® today unveiled the Apple Watch® Series 3 , the world’s best watch with built-in cellular . Whether you’re jogging, swimming, or wanting to have a more active day, Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular features lets users make phone calls, send and receive texts, and more, even when iPhone® is not around.

The third-generation Apple Watch features smart coaching as an excellent health and fitness partner, and features a 50-meter water resistance 1 and a new barometric altimeter that measures relative altitude above sea level. Apple Watch Series 3 is available in two models, one with GPS and cellular functionality, and one with only GPS, both with dual-core processors that are 70% faster and new wireless chips.

Advanced technology

Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) features LTE and UMTS cellular radios that seamlessly switch to cellular even when away from the iPhone. It shares the same number as iPhone, so you don’t have to give your family, friends, or coworkers additional numbers.

In addition, to help customers get started, partner carriers offer special cellular plans at launch. Customers can make cellular calls right away with Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular), and when paired with AirPods®, they have a seamless and complete wireless experience. Apple also introduced the industry’s first antenna design that allows the display itself to transmit and receive for LTE and UMTS, while at the same time minimizing the space occupied by the built-in eSIM, which is about a hundredth the size of a conventional SIM card. over-the-air) enabled device activation. 2


watchOS 4

watchOS 4 provides an updated heart rate app that allows you to gain more insights from your heart rate, including measurements during rest, exercise, recovery, walking and deep breathing sessions. In addition, when the heart rate exceeds a certain value during inactivity, users can receive a notification. Other outstanding features of watchOS 4 include an active Siri pace that shows the information users need most during the day, an upgraded exercise app with a new interface, a customizable high intensity interval training function (HIIT), and automatic round trips while swimming. There are functions that can be set as.

Apple Watch lineup

Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) starts at $399 (US) and GPS models start at $329 (US). Both models feature new upgrades such as faster dual-core processors, wireless chips, and barometric altimeters. Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) also features a special red Digital Crown™ and a dedicated watch face, “Explorer,” for cellular connectivity with a unique design. The Series 1 starts at $249 (US) and is more affordable than ever.

Following silver and space gray aluminum, Apple Watch Series 3 is now also available in beautiful new gold aluminum, and still comes with a silver or space black stainless steel case. All of these harmonize beautifully with the band of new colors and styles. The woven nylon has been updated with a new pattern, and the surprisingly lightweight sports loop adjusts and winds to the wrist with the comfort of any material. The Apple Watch Edition includes a dark gray ceramic case that meets the new two-tone sports band.


Following the noise app in watchOS 6, which measures the level of ambient noise and how long you are exposed to it, watchOS 7 adds headphone audio notifications to enhance hearing health support. Customers can now see how loud they are listening to media through headphones on their iPhone, iPod touch, or Apple Watch, and how much exposure they have to affect their hearing.
Apple Watch notifies the wearer when the total listening volume using headphones reaches 100% of the safe weekly listening volume. The standard listening volume is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

For example, a noise of 80 decibels does not affect hearing function when exposed within 40 hours per person per week. 1 Users can also check the total number of weeks exposed to high decibel levels in the iPhone’s Health app, and adjust the maximum volume of their headphones. The audio data from the headphone audio notification feature is not recorded or stored anywhere in the Health app and Apple Watch.

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